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RoseLand Productions showcases original rhyming poems- poems in which there is a regular recurrence of corresponding sounds, most often, but not always, at the end of lines.
?Are Women People?™ Problems in American History a poem with rhymes for women in history times. A stand-alone poem.™

                                     Rhyming Poems

Poetry in which there is a regular recurrence of corresponding sounds, usually, but not always, at the end of lines.  


The following poem is available in both e-book and paperback. 

?Are Women People?Problems in American History
a poem with rhymes for women in history times     A stand-alone poem™ 

Many endured hate, abuse, social persecution and jail.
For them, their cause was just and not open to fail.
Remembered well now, at the time they carried a heavier weight.
Too often they faced ignorance, power lust and hate.
Let's not forget Alice Paul in our desire to share
problem women in history who helped everyone everywhere. 
Well educated, Alice had a Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Law degree and LLM.
Beaten by police and sentenced to hard labor, her resolve was not weakened by them.  
More recently, to the many problem women and men today, we owe a debt.
For all their efforts, sacrifices and hilarious signs, you can bet
without their valiant actions, let's be frank,
fairness and equality for all will be much harder. These "problems" we must thank.
Help when and where you can but never give in.
For this is a noble struggle and one we must win.
And don't worry in your efforts about being a little blistery.
Keep at it and may we all become problems in history!


Written in the simple comic rhyming style, this 637 word, 56 line poem recognizes some of the women who are prominent the women's rights movement in American history. Included are Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger and Alice Paul. Containing historical information and light in approach, this poem ends with expressions of gratitude for all who promote women's rights. Includes a call for all to help when and where possible towards fairness and equality for all.